Universitas Udayana

The beautiful and unique glance of one of the most stunning places in the world nestles the home of University Udayana, Bali represented by Nugrahan Sdn.Bhd. The MD offers by this university spans a 5 ½ years time period and the Medical Faculty has just improved its infrastructure recently. The MD of this University is also recognized by JPA and MMC, whereby upon successful completion of an MD, a graduate may return to Malaysia to continue with the Housemanship.

Udayana University Medical Faculty (FK unud) precisely established in 1962 and is one part of the 12 Faculties under Unud. FK unud located in Denpasar (Bali Province City Center). Udayana University School of Medicine is one of the medical education institutions have a high quality and can be aligned with the institution of medical education at the national level and ASEAN. Currently, FK unud middle run two programs of undergraduate and post-graduate programs (both education specialist, masters program or doctoral program in bio-medical sciences). Besides duty as educators elements, FK unud also play an active role in the process of research and public service. These three things are the core element of the principles of universities in Indonesia.

A world renowned education institution, affiliated with many other world class universities and institution.
  • Hostel : Provided for the students.
  • Place of Worship : Mosque, churches, temple available for students.
  • Food : All kinds of food readily available (including halal food).
  • Cost of living : Approximately RM500 per month / per students.
  • Intensive Clinical Training
  • Brand new Hospital training facilities
Need help? Call +03-2166 2740 or email

Need help? Call +03-2166 2740 or email

Need help? 

Call +03-2166 2740 or