Institut Pertanian Bogor

Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) as known as Bogor Agricultural University is a state-run university of agricultural land located in Bogor, Indonesia. It is one of the leading agriculture and veterinary institutions in the region.

Its an Indonesian State University, founded in 1903.
  • Consists of nine faculties: Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Fisheries & Marine Science, Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Maths & Natural Science, Economics & Management and Human Ecology.
  • Facilities include “Teaching Animal Hospital” which is a prominent animal Hospital in South East Asia.
  • Situated between Bandung & Jakarta at the foothills of mountains thus having a cool climate.
  • Affiliated with other Universities
  • University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.
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Need help? Call +03-2166 2740 or email

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