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Our course will help you understand every question and task type on all four sections of the TOEFL iBT whilst applying Kaplan’s score-raising techniques to help you approach the test with confidence. We provide native-speaker teacher guidance to develop your English reading skills, increase your listening skills and improve your speaking section responses. Through our teacher-led video lessons and feedback on writing samples, we will also help you hone your essay planning and writing skills.

Frequently asked questions

Through our teacher-led video lessons and feedback on writing samples, we will also help you hone your essay planning and writing skills.

How can I prep for an English test online?

Our online courses for the TOEFL exam are completely comprehensive and contain the same material as a live course option. Here’s an example of how you should prep using our online course…

  1. You will start your course by taking a full-length practice test, so that you can have an idea of your starting position. This will show you which are your weaker areas, so you can focus your initial study on these.
  2. Then you will watch the lesson videos, complete the practice questions and exercises as instructed as well as read the corresponding content in your TOEFL Prep Plus book.
  3. You will use your detailed score reports to assess your progress and they will clearly identify which test areas/question types you should focus your study.
  4. Once you have reviewed your problem areas and re-tested your skills using your practice questions and full-length tests you will have the skills to help you get the maximum score possible.

How will I prepare for the speaking & writing sections of the TOEFL?
You will have lesson videos on the exam content, the Kaplan strategies/techniques on how to identify and approach each question and task type as well as hundreds of practice questions for you to perfect your skills in these areas. You will also be provided with Kaplan’s Assessment Checklist that you will use to evaluate your speaking and writing responses. Your speaking and writing answers can also be reviewed by our expert TOEFL assessment team with all of our online preparation options. They will review each submission recording or text and offer you detailed feedback identifying where and how you can improve.
Don't I need to talk directly to someone for the TOEFL speaking section?
When sitting the speaking section for each practice test, we actually replicate the test format, so you will become used to submitting your answers by speaking into a microphone and recording, just like you will when you take the TOEFL iBT. This is particularly helpful for those that find it difficult to speak into a void and prefer a real person, as this will not be the case on test day.
How long are the lesson videos?
We have broken down our lesson content into easy to follow 3-5 minute lesson videos. This helps you to take in the information and also easily identify which video lesson you need to re-watch, as part of your review for each section. This way you will not need to go through hours of video just to find the area you want to watch.
Can I start prepping straight away?
Once you sign up for our online TOEFL Complete or TOEFL Premium Preparation Course, and you will have access to your course materials the very next day! The only thing you may need to wait for is your books to be shipped to you (if you have selected this option) although you will have access to the e-book version at the same time that you have access to your online course.
Need help? Call +03-2166 2740 or email

Need help? Call +03-2166 2740 or email

Need help? 

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